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ArtMoney 7.40.1
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ArtMoney 7.40.1

Publisher:System SoftLab
Language:English, Bulgarian, Chinese, ChineseSimplified, ChineseTraditional, Czech, French, German, Greek, Hungarian, Italian, Latvian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Spanish, Turkish, Ukrainian, Vietnamese
Requirements:Intel Pentium II processor (AMD K6-2) or higher
Install:Install and Uninstall
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Publisher's Description:

ArtMoney - ArtMoney is a cheating program you can use for all games. ArtMoney can make a troublesome game easier to win by helping you find the memory address where a desired quantity (like amount of money) is located so you can change that quantity. In spite of its title, ArtMoney actually allows you to change any quantity specified in a game, whether it be dollars, bullets, swords, or health points. The program finds a hex address based on the input parameters you set and prints these addresses with their corresponding values. For example, if your character has 1,431 dollars, ArtMoney searches and displays all memory addresses containing the value of 1431. Of course, as there can be hundreds of memory addresses displayed after a simple search, you will need to filter this addresses. Buy PRO edition and get extra features and full technical support via email. Special offer for ArtMoney Pro! Use coupon code APAD784 for 10% OFF.

List of Changes:

Version 7.40.1 from 2012-11-27

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Version 7.40 from 2012-09-22

Full support for Microsoft Windows 8 and Windows Server 2012

Version 7.39.3 from 2012-08-16

Updated emulator options. New emulator options for Jaleco Mega System 1 and Jaleco Mega System 32. Fixed many bugs.

Version 7.39.2 from 2012-05-17

Now emulator options work with 64-bits emulators. Added address corrector in emulator option for Midway Wolf Unit System. Updated emulator options. New emulator options for Psikyo SH2, Sega System 16A and Sega System 16B.

Version 7.39 from 2012-05-04

Now "module addressing" works on Windows x64 for 64-bits processes. Added "Bytes order" field in emulator options. New emulator options for Capcom Play System 3, Nintendo Virtual Boy, Atari 5200, Atari ST, PolyGame Master, Midway Wolf Unit System, Commodore 64 and Sharp X68000. Fixed many bugs!

Version 7.38 from 2011-12-18

Added "Fast mode" option for Pointer-to-Pointer scanner. Updated emulator options. New emulator options for Atari Jaguar, Atari 8-bit, Sega Model 2, Sega Model 3 and Tiger New menu command "Auto apply the offset and copy to new group". Fixed many bugs!

Version 7.37.2 from 2011-07-30

Updated emulator options. New emulator options for Atari Jaguar and Sega Model 2. Fixed bug in filtration with conditions "was increased by", "was decreased by", "was changed by" for float values. Fixed crash bug with float values in main table. Fixed bug with 6 level pointers.

Version 7.36.1 from 2011-05-04

New scanner for Pointer-to-Pointer structure up to 5 level (2 level for SE edition). You can set a level of pointer and maximum offset. We recommend to scan only static and even addresses. Fixed many bugs.

Version 7.36 from 2011-05-02

New scanner for Pointer-to-Pointer structure up to 5 level (2 level for SE edition). You can set a level of pointer and maximum offset. We recommend to scan only static and even addresses.

Version 7.35.1 from 2011-03-13

Now program can find the zero address of emulation by size of a memory block. Created special for emulator Nestopia (NES) and MagicEngine (PC-Engine). Fixed bug with "Search the pointer to beginning of memory block" command. Was added portuguese-BR language plug-in.

Version 7.35 from 2011-01-20

Increased speed of search for exact values and search in a range of values by 20-100% (depending on conditions). Updated emulator options. New emulators options for NES, Nintendo DS, GameCube, Sony Playstation and Nintendo 64. Now you can use emulator pointers when you work with emulators.

Version 7.34 from 2010-12-09

New options - "Scan only static addresses in modules" and "Multiplicity of address". You can scan only even addresses or "multiple of 4" addresses. This option can increase a speed of search in several times. The probability to find the values when you scan only even addresses is practically 90%.

Version 7.33 from 2010-04-30

Scanner of 64-bits memory. Now the program can scan 64-bits processes on Windows Vista/7/2008 x64. The maximum process memory size is limited to 8 Terabyte.

Version 7.32 from 2009-12-17

- Full support for Microsoft Windows 7 RTM (Build 7600).
- Now ArtMoney uses multi-core processors (or multiprocessor systems) to provide the best possible performance of the memory scanning. If you have a dual-core processor, ArtMoney can scan up to 2 times faster.

Version 7.31 from 2009-07-17

- Full support for Microsoft Windows Server 2008 and Windows Seven Beta.
- Updated emulator options. New emulators options for NES, Sega Genesis, Super Nintendo, PC-Engine, Game Boy Advance, Sony Playstation and Sony Playstation 2.

Version 7.30 from 2009-02-24

New option - "Module addressing". The program works with addresses inside loaded module of selected process. It calculates the final address by summing the start address of the module and the address inside the module. New option - "Scan memory area of system modules".

Version 7.29 from 2008-08-21

- Built-in formula calculator. Now you can enter your mathematical formula in any input field. For example, enter 2+2*3 for exact search and ArtMoney will scan for 8 (it is formula result).
- New option - "Type of rounding".
- New emulators options for PC-Engine/Turbografx.

Version 7.28 from 2008-02-23


Free Universal Game Cheater for All games.

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File Size: 1.6 Mb

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Latest User Reviews:

Kardes Iz 2010-02-13 04:52:41 #
Version: 7.32


Hello: I receive from you somehow can not open the program Artmoney. please help me

Gustavo Nicoletta 2009-08-10 11:40:53 #
Version: 7.31

Pretty easy to use. Worked fine on new and old games.

Kpm 80 2009-06-22 09:34:28 #
Version: 7.30

So far, tried it on a couple of old games, worked ok.

Truelove738 2009-01-02 07:15:11 #
Version: 7.29

Art Money - my thoughts

I have just put an order in for the full product. The download realy works! I've used this on several programmes now with good results. Looking forward to getting the full version to see how much more I can do with this system!

My recomendation - if your struggling with a game and need more cash, etc. get this!

Download Now
File Size: 1.6 Mb